Great Turnout for the Open Mixer

Thanks to everyone who came out to the mixer this weekend. Almost 100 players and good representation from 4 teams: Boost, J-men, Revolver & Wolf.

For those that weren’t there – we split into eight teams and played four rounds of games.
The weather was awesome and everyone played hard. A great start to bay area ultimate 2012!

Details for the open mixer / hat tournament / tryout on Saturday

Thanks to everyone who’s already signed up for the mixer this Saturday.  We’re excited to kick the season off this weekend with some good, high-level ultimate with friends!

When: 10am – 3pm Saturday, April 7th
What to bring: cleats, a disk, a light shirt, a dark shirt, enough water for yourself, and maybe a snack (if that wasn’t clear, food and water will not be provided)
Approximate schedule:
10am – arrive, get cleats on
10:10am – bring it in, introductions, logistics, break up into teams
10:25am – warm up in teams
10:40am – let’s get playing already!
3pm – high fives, enjoy the rest of the day
What to expect:
The format will be a round-robin, and we’ll randomly distribute people to teams captained by Revolver players.
Information for tryouts:
There will be representatives from several bay area open teams at the mixer, including Boost/new team, Wolf, and the Journeymen, so you’ll get a chance to showcase your stuff to several teams at once.  The captains for each team will ask to see who’s trying out at the beginning of the day so we can pay more attention to those people.
Revolver is primarily interested in players with the following abilities, in this order:
– athleticism and speed
– defensive skill / ability to generate Ds
– ability to set and break good marks
– on O, conservatism with the disc and ability to get open on athletic defenders
Questions?  Comments?  Suggestions?  Let us know and we’ll try address them.
Revolver 2012 leadership