Revolver 2012 New Additions

Revolver concluded the tryout process for the 2012 club roster last week and is pleased to announce that Jordan Jeffery and Taylor Lahey will join the rest of the returning team from 2011 to compete for a third national championship in the Fall.  Jordan and Taylor will be filling the roster spots left by the departure of Bart Watson and the leave-of-absence by Eric Halverson, two players who will be sorely missed for their significant contirbutions to the team in past years.  The tryout candidates this year were extremely impressive, the talent level in the Bay Area provides us with a wealth of very good players and some very difficult choices.  Thanks to all the players who participated, in particular Davide Morri for his commitment to trying out all the way from Italy and for showing us a new level of dedication to improving at the sport of ultimate. 

Flower Bowl, Sunday

Day Two.
Our first game was against the USA part of Sockeye.
We broke on our first D point with a nice huck from Taylor L. to Mac.
Halftime score: 7-3, (the actual) Team USA.
We went up 12-7, then gave up 2 breaks before closing it out.  The rule for the day is “Contact”.  Kurt learns more about doing push-ups for missed contact calls than the actual contact rule.
Final score: 13-10, Team USA
Game two was against Nomads, the Canada masters team.
Cruikshank and Mauro highlighted a crafty Canada masters team.  They had a good clam defense that we spent a few points figuring out.  Russel sparked a run with a huge layout D on Shank and we got a few breaks to take half Halftime score: 7-4, USA.
In the second half, Chicken hucked to Kurt full field after getting a nice block in the endzone, redeeming a Kurt turnover.
Final score: 13-6, USA

Sockeye USSR beat team Canada during pool play, so we would play a combined Sockeye in finals.
Ashlin started the game off with a deep huck to Kurt on the first pull.  Sockeye was loose and made some errors that we were able to convert into breaks.  Sherwood hucked to Martin for the first break.  Martin later went on to get a huge sky D on a floaty huck.  Joel cleaned up a huck with a huge layout after the intended receiver, Josh, collided with Reid at the front of the endzone.
Halftime score: 8-3, USA.
Davide got another point block.  Greenwood came down hard on the pull and got a run-through Callahan goal off the first pass.  We got another break when Funk got a deep D and Sherwood hucked it to Russel who boxed out a crowd of people to bring it down.
Final score: 15-6, USA.

All in all, a good weekend for the moons, but there is still a lot of work to be done and only 5 weeks until the first games in Japan!

Flower Bowl, Saturday

Revolver, representing Team USA was in Vancouver, BC this weekend for Flowerbowl.  Flowerbowl is usually an early season tournament that serves Furious & Sockeye by testing their try-outs.  Since this is a worlds year, we played Team Canada in an exhibition game as part of the regular tournament.

Saturday morning started out a little overcast for our first game against Rhino.  Warming up in deep wet grass meant lots of sock changing during the first game.  Team USA came out strong, starting the game on Offense and then converting two break points off layout Ds by Ryo & Zach
Halftime score: 8-4, USA.
Rhino appeared to have a number of tryouts and was missing most of their Ego players.  Who were likely taking some time off after a deep run at college nationals.
Final score: 15-7, USA.

Round two was a bi, the sun came out, we snacked & some players caught up on missed sleep.

We moved to Thunderbird Stadium, turf fields, for a much faster game against the USSR half of Sockeye.  This game was full of turnovers for both teams, lots of miscues & overthrown hucks.
Halftime score: 7-6, USA.
Sockeye USSR scored 3 out of half to go up 8-10.  Inspired by Schlag pulling down a disc over a pack of defenders, the D came out strong on the next point and converted a break, 10-10.  At 12-12, the game was hard capped to 13.  Tom James came down on the pull play to catch a layout poach d.  Two throws later, Mac to Russ in the end zone for the goal & the win!
Final score 13-12, USA.
Game 3 was back in the tall grass, against Tonka – the men from Mixed Team Canada.  A few familiar faces from Furious of past seasons.  We broke a few times in the first half, pretty low energy from both teams.
Halftime score: 7-4, USA.
Same flat energy from us.  Tonka took advantage and scored a couple of breaks to bring it to 11-9, but we still manage to put the game away.
Final score: 13-10, USA.

Game 4 – the showcase against Team Canada.  Back at the stadium, with about 100 fans in the stands.  In a gritty first half with tight D and lots of passes needed to score, we gave up a break early, but got 3 back before half.
Halftime score: 8-6, USA.
The grinding continued on offense, but our D came down in some junk/zone sets and converted on Canada turns to widen the lead.  The defensive run was punctuated by a Tom James shoulder-high footblock on a Kirk Savage backhand huck.
Final score: 15-11, USA.
Dinner at Tanpopo – all you can eat sushi.