George Stubbs


Number: 3
Age: 29
Date of birth: 1/24/1989
Place of birth: Boston, MA
Height: 5’11”
College team(s): Harvard Redline
Current city of residence: Sausalito, CA
Occupation: Leadership & Organizational Change Coach


Previous club team(s): Chain Lightning, Boston Ironside (RIP)

’07 Mudbowl MVP

’11 Callahan Award

’13/’17 World Games Team

’17 Dream Cup MVP

How I came to join Revolver:
I took a season off, hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, and moved to the Bay Area with my wife, Emma. I wanted to continue my career and joined the Revolver program in 2016 and have loved it ever since.

Favorite game or tournament moment on Revolver:
Winning nationals back in Sarasota with a great team. There were lots of moments (how hard we practiced, etc) leading up to game and that weekend.

Favorite game or tournament moment outside Revolver:
One of my favorites was in 2010 WUCCs with Ironside. We played Sockeye in the quarterfinals in a huge stadium and in front of the entire tournament. Great game that we lost with an incredible atmosphere.

Favorite ultimate player(s) in my formative years: 
Mike Namkung was always someone I looked up to. That said, growing up in Atlanta, I really learned by watching people like Dylan Tunnell and Jason Simpson when I played Chain with them.

Favorite movie as a kid:
Cool Runnings

Pre-game ritual:
Activating my glutes

What I like to eat Saturday night of a tournament:
I’ll eat anything as long as it’s not too greasy.

If I didn’t play Ultimate, my main pastime outside of work would be:
Kiteboarding and mountain biking.

Favorite sports team outside of Ultimate:
Kiteboarding [Editor’s note: maybe George should spend a little less time kiteboarding and a little more time working on his reading comprehension]

Something unknown about me:
I live on a houseboat!