Mark Lin

Little known fact, Mark used to work as a stock photo model!


Number: 33
Age: 25
Date of birth: 3/3/1993
Place of birth: Ottawa, CA
Height: 6’0″
College team(s): University of Maryland
Current city of residence: San Jose, CA
Occupation: Kaizen Leader


Previous club team(s): 
Ring of Fire, Truckstop, Florida United

2015 ACC 1st Team All-region

How I came to join Revolver:
I really started watching ultimate around 2010/2011, which was when Revolver really started to cement themselves as the best team in the world. Ever since 2011, I’ve dreamed of playing with a team like Revolver. I honestly never thought I’d grow enough as a player and that my life would take me out to the bay, but here I am. I could not be more excited to compete with this group of guys.

Favorite game or tournament moment on Revolver:
This is my first year on Revolver, but I’m excited to create new memories with this team. I’m really looking forward to playing in my first World competition at WUCC.

Favorite game or tournament moment outside Revolver:
My favorite ultimate experience was TEP in Colombia in 2014 with Truckstop. The Medellin crowd was the most passionate group of fans I’ve ever played in front of and I remember feeling chills go through my body when the crowd would burst into a roar.

Favorite ultimate player(s) in my formative years: 
Started really watching ultimate in 2011 when the Nexgen tour first started. All of those guys were huge inspirations to me and helped me craft my game.

Favorite movie as a kid:
Titanic – still a favorite

Pre-game ritual:
Visualizing my first point

What I like to eat Saturday night of a tournament:
Does coconut water count?

If I didn’t play Ultimate, my main pastime outside of work would be:
Gambling – sorry everyone

Favorite sports team outside of Ultimate:
Whoever Lebron is playing for

Something unknown about me:
My fastest Rubiks cube solve is 26 seconds