Nick Schlag

Nick Schlag #20

*Photo by Cory Barlow

Nickname: Schlag

Height: 5’10”

Date of birth: 27 April 1986

Place of birth: Seattle, WA

Current city of residence: San Francisco, CA

Occupation: Energy Consultant at E3

College team(s): Stanford Bloodthirsty (2006-2009)


  • Member of Beard Team USA (2007-present)
  • Stanford Disc Golf Champion, Team and Individual (2008)
  • Recipient of several E-mmys, including (but not limited to) Best Alias E-mail (2010)

How I came to join Revolver: It was a bleary Saturday morning in May 2009. I’m sitting on a couch watching Jurassic Park III while four college teammates (including former/current roommate/teammate Tom James) prepare to leave for tryouts. After an injury-plagued college season, I had decided not to play club for the season. At the last minute, I changed my mind and hopped into the car. Somehow it worked out.

Funniest moment or joke on Revolver: 

  1. At Friday team dinner during ECC 2011, Chapman ordered the hearty-sounding “Ploughman’s Platter” with expectations of a massive smorgasbord of meats and sausages but instead received a meager appetizer-sized spread of cold cuts and cheeses. The look of sheer disappointment on his face had most of us laughing until we couldn’t breathe.
  2. Beau, after learning the rules of icing, icing Wiseman on the beach in Sarasota by kicking a bottle at him barefoot, saying, “Hey, Iceman, you want to play soccer?”
  3. Levy’s dropped pull during our O/D scrimmage at Cal States, which came after a season’s worth of heckling me and Joel for every pull we let hit the ground.

Favorite game or tournament moment on Revolver: Winning Club Nationals in 2010.

Favorite game or tournament moment outside of Revolver: Winning Northwest college Regionals in 2009 on double-game point against Cal (sorry, Joel).

Favorite Ultimate player(s) in formative years:

  • Robbie Cahill, a fifth year during my rookie year on Stanford, for his on-field leadership and intensity and his humility as a baller.
  • Will Chen, who also played Stanford that year, for his smarts and his endless dedication to improving his throws.

Favorite tournament: Club Nationals

What makes ___ so dangerous? Fear the beard.

Theme song: Not sure that I have a choice here (see Cassidy’s funniest moments).

Pre-game ritual:

  1. Throws with my wingman.
  2. Tons of hydration.

What I like to eat on Saturday night of a tournament: Anything not fried.

If I didn’t play Ultimate, my main pastime outside of work would be: Camping/hiking/mountains.

Favorite sports team outside of Ultimate: D-Broncs/D-Nugs

In terms of Kanners, how tan are you? 0 – everyone else’s responses imply way too much precision in the measurement of tanness.

Something unknown about me: I never break my New Year’s Resolutions.