2013 USAU Champions

Revolver takes home the championship and the inaugural USAU Triple Crown with a 14-10 victory over Seattle Sockeye in Frisco, Texas.  It was a gusty game, but Revolver punched in an early upwind-downwind pair of breaks and rode that to half, 8-5. Sockeye fought hard but was unable to mount a comeback before the soft cap and a final dish from Beau Kittredge to Josh Wiseman sealed the win.

Beau Kittredge also took home the men’s Farricker Award, continuing a proud tradition of excellence both on the field and in spirit of the game.

Read the official USAU writeup of the game, and Ultiworld’s postgame analysis.

2013 Pro Flight Finale

Upsets ruled the weekend in both the Open and Women’s division at the 2013 Pro Flight Finale, which saw Revolver lose early on Saturday to Toronto GOAT and again on Sunday morning in a quarterfinals matchup against Texas Doublewide.  While we were disappointed with these losses, we turned it around in our afternoon matchups to take fifth place.  The biggest story of the weekend was the parity among all the teams present, with GOAT and Doublewide coming out of the 3 and 4 seeds in their pools to meet in the finals, and no team going without at least two wins.

Read the USAU official writeup, or check out the scores and results for yourself.