Meet the coaches!

Our roster has dropped and you may have noticed a new face among our coaching staff this year: Martin Cochran. He joins Mike Payne (who is stepping into an assistant coaching role this year). Take a look at their bios, and try to ignore the fact that Martin’s answers are extraordinarily bland.

Meet Byron!

We continue our rollout of bios with first-time captain Byron Liu! Byron’s only previous role on Revolver has been to reserve field space for practices, a job in which he found little success. Naturally, we decided to increase his responsibilities this year- let’s hope he rises to the challenge!

Thanks to all who showed up this past weekend at the Mixer- we had a blast and will be sending out invites to our first tryout weekend soon.

Meet your 2018 Captains!

Our captains are really excited for our first tryout at the BADA mixer this weekend. In fact, they’re so excited that they wanted to introduce themselves on here ahead of time, so that you can feel comfortable introducing yourself to them at the mixer!

We’re going to roll out their profiles one at a time, starting with Simon Higgins– he’s #1 on the field and in our hearts, so it’s only appropriate that he goes first.