Bart Watson wins Farricker Spirit Award

Congratulations to Revolver’s Bart Watson who wins the 2010 Farricker Spirit Award.
This award is given to the player in the open division of the USA¬†Ultimate’s Club Championship Series adjudged to have exhibited personal responsibility, integrity, and fairness combined with a high standard of playing ability.

Revolver submitted this statement on behalf of Bart Watson:

Revolver would like to nominate Bart Watson for the Farricker Spirit Award. He combines spirit and respect with success at the highest level. Bart has won College Nationals (Stanford: 2002), World Games (Team USA: 2005, 2009), Club Nationals (Jam: 2008), and World Ultimate Club Championships (Revolver: 2010). The writeup on on Mixed World games points to Bart as having an “MVP performance” throughout the tournament — this same statement would be true for nearly every team Bart has played on.

As one of the most visible players of our time, he has a special responsibility to embody Spirit of the Game, and he does in spades. He is a leader on every team he has played for from Winter League to World Champion teams, and leads by example in all aspects of the game.  He maintains his easy-going, kind, Iowa-native demeanor on and off the field, and Revolver is proud to have him as Captain and as our Farricker nominee.