USAU Club Championships – Day 0

We deviated from our traditional condos and rented a four-unit beach house on Siesta Key to ourselves this year. No more walking across a complex to the captains’ condo for the nightly dinners and team meetings. With our hometown Giants in the World Series people could quickly pop in and out of each unit for baseball games, board games, or beach buddies.

In our first Nationals team meeting we discussed team-wide strategies for each of Thursday’s opponents, reminded the defensive players of their individual primary and secondary match-ups, and restated our tournament goals. As always, with each and every game we would strive for a healthy combination of IHD: intensity, humility, and discipline–our most fundamental keys to success and satisfaction.

To our delight, the Giants won Game 1 of the World Series 11-7, which surely bodes well for Bay Area chances this weekend.