Bart Watson 2011

Bart Watson
*Photo by Daniel Schlachet: against Colony in quarterfinals at Worlds (WUCC 2010).

Jersey #


Date of birth:
5 November 1980

Place of birth:
St. Louis Park, MN

Current city of residence:
Oakland, CA

PhD Candidate (soon-to-be-PhD) at Cal-Berkeley in Political Science

College team(s):
Stanford Bloodthirsty (2000-2003)
Cal-Berkeley UgMo (2004)

Former teams:
San Francisco Jam (2002-2009)
Revolver (2010-present)

Northwest All-Region (2002-2004)
National champion (college: 2002)
National champion (club: 2008, 2010)
World champion, Team USA (World Games: 2005, 2009)
World champion (club Worlds: 2010)
Farricker Award (2010)

How I came to join Revolver:
Once it became clear that Jam wasn’t going to happen in 2010 (at least the way it needed to happen for it to really be Jam), Mike Payne and I set up a steady drinking and talking routine. Over many fine Belgian beers Mike’s rhetorical skill and my drunkenness convinced me Revolver was capable of awesome things. They (Mike and the drunkenness) were both right.

Funniest moment or joke on Revolver:
Chappie telling the pigeon story for the first time. That and watching half the team play Settlers of Catan in a Czech bar with a stripper pole.

Favorite game or tournament moment on Revolver:
For some reason I love semis. I’d say it’s a tie between semis at Worlds against Buzz Bullets and semis at Nationals against Doublewide. Both were amazing, close, well-played, big games and in both I had a blast.

Favorite game or tournament moment outside of Revolver:
Playing in a stadium is awesome. One of my favorite Ultimate moments is as a spectator at the World Games watching the other teams play while we were waiting to get on the field for our games. In particular, watching the end of the Taiwan-Japan game as Taiwan started coming back from a large deficit. There were probably 12,000-15,000 Taiwanese fans who were utterly into the game with constant cheering. The roar of the crowd as Taiwan scored a couple in a row to keep the game within reach was unbelievable. To hear a cheer like that for anything is powerful. To hear it for an Ultimate play is indescribable.

Favorite Ultimate player(s) in formative years:
1. Damien Scott as a player. He did it the right way better than anyone.
2. Mike Payne as a leader and teacher. Taught me what the sport was all about.

Favorite tournament:
1. For Fun – Paganello
2. For Serious – Club Nationals

What makes ___ so dangerous?

Theme song:
Cruise Control – Do It Down Like That

Pre-game ritual:
Side note: I hate pre-game. Let’s play already!

I skip the additional stretching, I start 4-lines as the first thrower on the forehand side. I clap a lot. I stand as far outside the huddle as possible while still being a good teammate. I listen to one fire-up song. Game time.

What I like to eat on Saturday night of a tournament:
Whatever. Variety is the spice of life.

If I didn’t play Ultimate, my main pastime outside of work would be:
I’m open to suggestions.

Favorite sports team outside of Ultimate:
St. Louis Cardinals

In terms of Kanners, how tan are you?
I am 0.4 Kanners.

Something unknown about me:
I own two 1970s era Pioneer tube receivers. They rock.