Cal States – Saturday

Cal States (Palo Alto edition) played out under sporadic rain and late sunshine. The format: round robin with all seven teams plus a finals round. Last chance for the tryouts to make their marks before the 2011 roster is complete!

Game 1 – Round robin – 11:00a vs Streetgang (San Diego, CA)
A tough initial match-up on the slate after a first-round bye. The game seemed to take a long time, but we managed to win 15-9. They’ll be even tougher next time we face them.

Game 2 – Round robin – 1:00p vs Journeymen (Bay Area, CA)
After a strong start from the improved J-Men, we fell behind 4-5 before reeling off an even stronger finish to win 15-5.

Game 3 – Round robin – 3:00p vs Wolf (Bay Area, CA)
Wolf is still a young, athletic team with plenty of talent but we got the better of them this time with a 15-6 victory.