ECC Saturday

Revolver – Emerald City Classic – Day 2 (Saturday, July 13, 2011)

After the showcase game on Friday the team ate dinner at Hale’s Ales. Nick Chapman decided to order the “Ploughman’s Platter,” expecting a heaping plate of roast beef and smoked salmon garnished with some cheese and vegetables. The rest of team burst out laughing as Chapman raised his hands in disbelief when a small appetizer-sized assortment of meat shavings and large wedges of cheese landed in front of him. He refused to accept donations in a misguided attempt to salvage some dignity.

We arrived in Mt. Vernon late on Friday night, then turned in as soon as possible. After breakfast at the motel, we wandered over to Skagit River Park for three games in a row. The weather was overcast with scattered sunlight and calm winds that became a cool breeze in the afternoon. Russell Wynne rested his ankle today.

Game 3 – 10:05a v. Machine (Chicago)

With a 2-1 lead, receiving, Bart Watson tossed a high hammer across the field that was blocked; but Cassidy Rasmussen boot-blocked a low around backhand dump pass. Robbie Cahill picked up the disc, tossed a shorty to Bart, who put an upline flick to Josh Wiseman for 3-1 and the O-line save. The next point a Machine player’s forehand was blocked by one of Sockeye’s (on the next field over) telescoping suitcase handles. Oops! The O-line had several turnovers but Machine only broke once in the first half, as we converted an upwind O point for half 8-5. At 8-6 the O-line turned it over on a Cassidy huck to Joel Schlachet, but Robbie won it back on a deep block before catching a bomb the other direction for bookends. Later, Machine broke us twice in a row, including a precise downwind flick huck by Vijay Menon and a boot-block against Bart to close it to 10-9. At 11-9, Ashlin Joye blocked a forehand shot in the lane and Mac Taylor scored a sweet grab between two crashing defenders to save possession. We finished the game with three consecutive breaks, featuring an inside layout D on an upline dump cut by Tom James, leading to a 15-10 win.

Game 4 – 12:10p v. Truck Stop (Washington, D.C.)

The D-line broke to open the game when Martin Cochran blocked a deep ball shortly before Mark Sherwood launched a backhand to Mac streaking away. A couple of points later Sherwood swooped on a high around backhand to prevent a goal, then the D-line worked it back and Ryo Kawaoka beat his guy up the line for a break goal and a 3-1 lead. We reached half at 8-4. Receiving out of halftime, Adam “Chicken” Simon ran the “Joel” play, much to Joel’s chagrin, while he was off the field. This led to a nice string up the forehand side for a 9-4 edge. On the next point Zach Travis point blocked a scoober and Jon Levy caught the trash before Ashlin shot it back to Levy for a break goal. #87 Alan Kolick played really well for Truck as a tireless cutter and he even snared a layout D on Mac when he slowed down on an under cut. #21 Rob Dulabon had a notable high layout goal off a pull play late in the game. In the end Bart Watson connected deep with Devon Anderson. 15-9.

Game 5 – 2:20p v. Malaki (Australia)

We broke early but Malaki broke right back. Then we traded for a long time as they kept putting precise hucks that our D couldn’t quite cover, but we scored on O to 7-7 on excellent cutting and patient throwing by Devon Anderson, who caught the goal. We finally broke again on the next point to take half after the Aussies had a short throwaway and Mac tossed a floaty backhand that Beau Kittredge bobbled and controlled. Ryo Kawaoka got a mitt-block on a high-release backhand; several throws later Ashlin dished off to Sam Kanner for a 13-9 lead. On game point, Malaki stuffed the O-line against the wall for a couple of minutes before we finally broke through on a couple of gainers. Cassidy put a backhand huck to Devon for the 15-10 win.

After the games…

1) Team ice bath in Skagit River! Brrr…

2) Team spiritual adviser and ex-Revolver Chuck Kindred led an inspiring and thoughtful half-hour session.

3) Ryo, Mac, and Zach picked up dinner from Carino’s and brought it back to the fields for a team feast.

4) Ice cream sundaes, TV, and games at the motel before turning in early. 8:00a game tomorrow!