World Ultimate Club Championships – Day 2

Only one game today at Strahov Stadium, so we arrived early for a leisurely preparation. We sunscreened with our non-throwing hands and donned the dark blues. During our warm-up routine the wind picked up in a downfield direction, but otherwise the sun baked the rubber pellets in the field turf for a hot, fast playing surface.

Game 3 – Pool play, pool B – 12:30 vs Fire of London (UK)
We rained five pulls out of bounds this game, a mistake that we generally pride ourselves on avoiding. The wind wasn’t bad enough to excuse them, though it never should be, so we tuned them at half-time (9-1) and got back on track. #12 Nick Chapman caught a couple of deep goals by generating separation with his legs. The O-line continued to excel in their occasional employment, still without allowing a break during the first two days. Both O and D-line offensive units did move the disc quickly all game, if not always efficiently, as we wrapped up a 17-3 victory to win Pool B. #17 Lewis Glover of Fire received a dark blue Revolver jersey for his calm, collected, handler distribution and a couple of athletic grabs.

Thus Revolver advances to Power Pool P, where we will face five opponents over the next three days. We only know our schedule for tomorrow, though: the winner of Pool E and our fellow countrymen, Sockeye, in the morning and the runner-up of Pool D, M.U.C. in the afternoon.

Most of the team rode the funicular down the hill from the stadium, walked over the Charles Bridge, and lunched near the river (meals generally cost less on the old town side rather than the castle side). Later a gang watched Doublewide (Houston) defeat Euforia (Colombia) in the showcase game before heading back to the hotel for a team meeting and fitful night’s sleep.