World Ultimate Club Championships – Day 3

With our favorite Northwest Region rivals up first in the power pool this morning, the team chomped at the bit and arrived at the remote turf fields at the Vrsovice complex. Our field sat in a school campus atop a blustery hill. Doublewide matched Chain Lightning and took the first half before suffering an unfortunate second half surge by their opponents as we looked on.

Game 4 – Pool play, power pool P – 10:45 vs Sockeye (Seattle)
Sockeye started with an awesome lay-out catch block by #15 Nate Castine for a break, but that was their last lead of the game as Revolver would score and then tally several breaks in a row.  #7 Russell Wynne skied two Fish for an endzone D and would continue with a few extra Ds to his credit. This game was played at a much faster and physical pace than the first two days, which both teams expected, but still felt very different. #1 Brian Garcia and #50 Beau Kittredge both impressed with athletic vertical goals on floaty hucks too. We took half 9-5 as a vast dark storm loomed, but Sockeye caught a couple more breaks to make it 13-10. Lightning strikes closed in and the game was suddenly suspended as the clouds opened up and everyone ran for cover. It counts as a victory but nobody was happy that it had to end before someone scored 17.

Everyone scarfed down lunch as the rain continued and then eased up, but the bad news came across the PA that most of the day’s remaining games were postponed. We headed back to the hotel for some R& R.