World Ultimate Club Championships – Day 4

Most of the team attended the Revolver-hosted bar night at Popocafepetl in Old Town last night, but everyone arrived on time for warm-ups at Vrsovice, where we again trekked over the hill and through the tunnels to the remote field site.

Game 5 – Pool play, power pool P – 8:30 vs M.U.C. (Germany)
Munich seemed a little jittery as Revolver took the first half 8-1, but they settled down some in the second half as #8 Philipp Haas threw some very precise hucks to get things moving for the Germans; thus, the light blue Revolver jersey went to him. #29 Bart Watson played well enough to win a brilliant blue sublimated jersey from our opponents. It was a spirited game all around and both teams enjoyed the post-game hang-out by chatting and trading jerseys and wristbands.

Game 6 – Pool play, power pool P – 12:00 vs Flying Angels Bern (Switzerland)
The Swiss featured a couple of familiar faces to Bay Area players, as #29 Lorenz Stauffer lead the charge with his dazzling array of lefty hucks and hammers to anywhere on the field, so the Revolver defenders could never allow their marks too much leash. #10 Jon Remucal played his usual calm handler role, but stuck mostly to the D-line so Lorenz could anchor the O-line.  Revolver took half 8-4, though, and closed out the game 15-8. #12 Davide Morri, a superb Italian athlete, received a Revolver jersey for his workhorse approach, speed, and attitude.

Game 7 – Pool play, power pool P – 15:45 vs Phoenix (Canada)
Our neighbors from the north were tall, athletic, and included a particularly worrisome 7’0″ lanky guy, #50 Neal Dawson. As it turned out, we handed the Revolver jersey over to #12 Karl L’Oiseau for his tenacious defense, cutting, and spirited play. The youngsters stepped up big again for this hot game on turf, propelling us to an 8-4 lead at half and a sparkling second half to close it out 15-5. We chatted with Phoenix afterward and took a picture of Nick Handler on Jit Bhattacharya’s shoulders, with his hand raised high, still unable to match the reach of Mr. Seven Foot.

We secured a spot in the quarterfinals, which play out tomorrow afternoon. For now it’s R&R before another early start.